5 reasons why Audition Next Level is the game for you

As there are different genres of video games, there too are different types of gamers.

From the competitive to the casual, to the role-player to the strategist, video games possess far reaching capabilities because of their versatility and enjoyment.

Audition Next Level (ANL) is one such game. Despite its cute and anime-inspired façade, ANL is a deep skill-based competitive multiplayer game. So, if you’re the type of gamer that enjoys challenging others online in a unique, non-battle royale/shooter game, here are five reasons why Audition Next Level is the game for you:

1. Many games in one

In ANL, there are various modes which come with their own unique set of challenges. Popular modes like 4 & 8Keys and Beat Up offer players a stage to test their in-game mettle. Some modes have advanced levels like and Choreography Crazy 4 (or 8) Keys which is harder version of 4Keys & 8Keys.

The latest mode, Shooting Stars ups the ante with a more frantic style, forcing the player to stay on their toes (or finger tips) to execute the most complicated of dance moves.

Whatever it is, the modes are a gateway to fun. Choose what you like according to your style and conquer it. When you’re done with one, move on to the next mode.

2. A musical journey

What’s the game without an extensive list of the trendiest and latest songs from all over? ANL has a large playlist of K-Pop, J-Pop, Mandarin and English songs to groove to. Choose one with a simple beat to familiarize yourself or pick something with a more intricate tone to give your fingers and eyes a workout.

More songs are added continually, several of which are suggestions from the community. These songs represent one of two cores (the other being dance) of ANL and are inseparable from the product. No other game comes close to having such an eclectic playlist as Audition Next Level.

If you’re a music lover, dance aficionado or a clubber, you’ll find much to love in ANL.

3. A social game

Lots of games like to label themselves as social but few come close. Toxicity in online games is almost an added feature no one wants but will get regardless. ANL however, has a tight, loyal and mostly positive community that are always willing to help new players out.

Now, it’s possible to run solo but everything in the game is designed to encourage you to join FAMs (ANL’s version of a guild) to take part in various modes and competitions together. Players can also marry one another and give gifts to build stronger relationships.

Last but not least, a FAM of the Year competition is held annually to crown that year’s best FAM. It’s a chance for dedicated players to show off their hard training and gain recognition within the community.

Most importantly, it serves to punctuate that no player in ANL is an island and at its core, is a social game.

4. A fashion parade

Dance and fashion go hand in hand. ANL is no different. Thousands of avatars and items are available for purchase so whenever you get onto the dance floor, you’ll be tricked out in the latest fashion to kill. And if you end up losing, well, at least you’ll look good doing so.

5. Competitive sport

Is ANL an e-sport? Well, it doesn’t need to have that moniker to be identified as a competitive game.

While casual friendly, ANL requires skill to fully master and that skill takes effort to develop. The precision required for timing your keys according to the beat and the endurance needed to maintain that precision requires active participation from the player. A strong mental constitution and quick reflexes are instrumental in achieving victory.

Don’t believe us? Check out one of the many yearly competitions ANL hosts at local cybercafes around Singapore and see for yourself.

Unlike e-sports however, ANL does not require flashy theatrics and drama to be its own thing. You can play comfortably at your own house or hang out with your FAM at a cybercafé for a dance-off. Then, once you’re sufficiently confident in your ability, enroll in the official competitions and let your fingers do the talking.

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