5 things new MapleSEA players need to know

Diving into MapleStorySEA without a plan of action can be daunting.

Layers of systems, gearing mechanics, boss fights, dungeons and more have been added as the game continues to grow exponentially. It’s a rich tapestry of content for existing players to whet their appetite but newbies may get a little lost.

Therefore, in this article, we look at just five things new players need to know before they start playing MapleStorySEA.

1.       Your item level does not matter

One of the things you’re bound to realize is sometimes, a level 200 item isn’t as good as something you received at level 160 for example. This is because while MapleStorySEA is dependent on gear itemization, the actual execution is different from other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft

In MapleStorySEA, the Starforce rating is most important, followed by your stats and potential ratings. Ideally, all three will be high and best in slot but when in doubt, Starforce is the way to go. What this essentially means is that it’s perfectly normal for players to hold onto and use their level 150/160 items all the way to endgame.

 2.       Auction House is your friend

Gear, even high-level gear can be traded between players or purchased from the Auction House. So, choose your path of least resistance. If you play with a group of friends, then it may be easier to take down a boss for the items. But if you’re alone and have spare Mesos (in-game currency), make a trip to the AH and trick yourself out in the best gear for your level.

3.       Don’t cling to your items

Low level equips are categorized as from level 100 and below. At this level range, feel free to change out your equipment whenever you get a better one. Don’t worry about getting best in slot at this junction, including making purchases in the AH. Save your Mesos for later unless you absolutely need to spend.

4.       A kill is still a kill

Bosses can be killed in easy mode first for upgrades. There’s no shame in beating a boss in easy mode. This isn’t Sekiro or Dark Souls. Your progression demands that you tackle the various difficulty modes to improve your drops as you move up the leveling ladder. So ignore the stigma of an easy kill and go get your loot!

5.       Now we’re talking

Leveling is fast. So fast in fact that it won’t be long before you find yourself beyond level 100. At level 140, you can acquire the Fensallir set which you can use right up till level 200. The set can be purchased at the AH. 

For weapons, you can find a Cygnus weapon at around 140 which you can wield right up to level 230. The weapons are sold quite cheaply at the AH if you don’t have the time or a regular group to help you in the boss fight.

It’s easy to add another 10  to this list is easy but it’ll be better if we let x3TheAran59 take over the wheel in his incredibly in-depth gearing guide for new and F2P players. Veteran players may find something useful here too. 

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