Audition Next Level’s Singles tournament

You may be the best in your community or even the best in your country. But are you the best in the region?

Every year, PlayPark All-Stars provides the platform for competing players across Southeast-Asia to try and answer that question.

Participants preparing for the competition
Participants preparing for the competition

PlayPark All-Stars is an esports event; one to rival its many parallels in the United States.

But before one can take to the grand state, they’ll need to look a lot closer to home first.

Audition Next Level competitors
Focused group

They’ll need to look toward their community and establish their standing in friendly competition to earn the right to represent not just PlayPark but their country in the PlayPark All-Stars Finals in the Philippines.

This year, on the 28th of April 2019, the road to PlayPark All-Stars officially started.

Hosted by PlayPark at PCL café in Golden Wall Centre, the event which began admitting players at 11am for the collection of their early bird, door prizes started in earnest at around 12pm.

Who is the Audition Next Level winner?
Who’ll be the winner?

The next six hours or so consisted of intense competitions between the various groups, broken up by bits of exciting mini-games (and one challenging hidden mini-game) with many official and exclusive Audition Next Level prizes up for grabs. T-shirts, pillows, game codes and more were given.

Every attending Audista went back with something. Some ended up with more freebies than they could carry!

But in the end, it was the game modes that determined the ultimate winner. And between the difficulty in BPM songs and modes, only one could be the winner. 

And the person who beat 20 other experienced Audistas was Aylze!

Ayzle: Audition Next Level singles competition winner
Congratulations Aylze!

Crowned winner for the singles tournament, she’ll be flying to Philippines, courtesy of PlayPark to represent SG/MY’s Audition Next Level community in the grand finals.

What’s next?

In a few weeks, PlayPark will be hosting the team tournament. Which team will win the right to go to the finals? Will it be yours?

There’s only one way to find out.

Grab your buddies and register for the team tournament here, now!

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