3 movies you should watch if you play Audition Next Level

Audition Next Level (ANL) players can attest to the fact that there’s something magical about the rhythm and dance game.

Sure, being the best and most competitive in the world helps, but its’ age-old appeal is grounded in factors a little more nuanced than any back of the box type lingo can adequately describe.

Perhaps it’s the fact that dance is the ultimate form of expression. Whether you are the artist of said expression or merely a connoisseur enjoying it from afar, it’s nevertheless a powerful element rife with interpretation. Dance has been explored in many mediums; from stage to film to game but no matter the channel, it has the power to inspire.  

Dance and film go together like cheese and wine or hamburgers and fries. In the spirit of that, here are three movies you should watch if you’ve played Audition Next Level:

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

It’s been 42 years since Elvis Presley passed away, yet none has come close to embodying the sheer personality and talent that the King of Rock & Roll oozed. From the languid and slurred vocality of his songs, to the raw, emotional charge of his presence on film, the King had many competitors, but no equals.

With 33 films under his belt not including TV shows and other appearances, Elvis’ diverse star trajectory cemented him a top tier celebrity; a larger than life icon who cared little for his wealth and saw no bones in hanging out with eager fans on the street.

Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock, one of Elvis’ earliest films is the most well-known. Selected for preservation for being ‘culturally, historically and aesthetically significant’, the movie which also spawned one of Elvis’ most popular hits is a movie wherein story beats are delivered by song and punctuated by Elvis’ characteristic dance moves.  

Audistas may be too young to truly appreciate what Elvis did for dance and music, but it’s not impossible to score a copy of the movie or even catch a few critical scenes on YouTube to whet your appetite for dance moves before logging into Audition Next Level.  After all, there’s nothing quite like learning at the feet of the King.

BTS: Burn the stage

K-pop stars live on the stage with every facet of their lives scrutinized and devoured by fans and the media alike. It’s an exhilarating and exhausting ordeal for the celebrities, to have virtually zero privacy while maintaining an aura of mystery, approachability and ineffability.

BTS (Bangtan Boys), a South Korean seven-member band are no strangers to this. And as evidenced by their movie, Burn the Stage, the band members peel back the layers of secrecy on their rise to fame.

BTS (Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (9686413kz) BTS Billboard Music Awards, Show, Las Vegas, USA – 20 May 2018)

Throughout the 85-minute movie and alongside the gyrating and vocalizing, the band members discuss the hardships faced in achieving popularity and the insecurities they wrestle with.

The movie, which was adapted from an eight-part documentary, is a down in the trenches exposé about the highs and lows of entertainment. As Audition Next Level has plenty of K-pop songs, watching this movie is a great way in gaining a higher level of appreciation for their favorite K-pop stars.  

High School Musical

Audition Next Level although billed as a rhythm and dance game is actually formed around three pillars: forming friendships, having fun & being competitive.

2006’s High School Musical arguably embodies those three things. In this modern adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, there are few movies that come close to the real life presentation of Audition Next Level’s subtle yet rooted influence on its players.

High School Musical

It advocates friendship and the development of those bonds through trials and tribulations. It puts fun and energy above all things. But more importantly, it asserts that competitiveness is the vehicle upon which passion rides.

All of which are measurable and experienced in Audition Next Level. The high level of skill required to compete is defined by a strong and dedicated player base. Audition’s community is, like the stars of High School Musical, a family of disparate attitudes and personalities who bring their own characteristics to shape the game.

We don’t quite know who the Zac Effron of the bunch is but if you think you’ve got the charisma and skill to take on Audition’s best players, perhaps it’ll be you.

Audista forever!

These films and more may live on as culturally significant pieces of art. Each, borne of its own era, tells a story unique to its time. As a video game however, ANL has that rare ability to transcend time through its’ continually evolving nature.

If you’re into good music and competitive gameplay, Audition Next Level may just be the free-to-play game for you.

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