MapleSEA: Getting stronger Part 2

In MapleSEA: Getting stronger Part 1, I covered all non-equipment related systems that could help your character dish out more damage. However, skills can only do so much without good gear. Majority of your damage output will largely rely on the gear you use, and how well you enhance them.

Without further ado, let’s begin Part 2!

1) Spell Traces/Upgrade Scrolls/Hammers

This is the most basic when upgrading your equipment. Equipment can be upgraded a certain number of times by using scrolls or spell traces. You can increase the number of possible upgrades by using a Golden Hammer and a Vicious Hammer, for two more upgrade slots in total.

Spell traces
Spell traces are what you need to begin upgrading equipment
Golden Hammers
Golden Hammers expand the number of upgrade slots by one.

If you are just starting off, consider tracing your item with 70% scrolls to get small boosts. 30% and 15% scrolls take too many spell traces (you may not be able to afford these) with low success rates, while 100% is too safe and provides tiny boosts.

70% is a good in-between, and as you progress further, you can re-trace your gear with 30% & 15% traces when you have more funds and traces to work with.

Item tracing
Tracing an item is the first method to upgrade your equipment

If you failed upgrades too many times and are disappointed with the gear’s final upgrade amount, consider using Clean Slate Scrolls (2,000 spell traces, also available as a scroll) to reset one failed upgrade slot as many times as the upgrade failed.

Alternatively, you can reset ALL the upgrade slots by using an Innocence Scroll (5,000 spell traces, also available as a scroll). Only go for this option when you have the funds to do so!

Get your scrolls!

Innocence Scrolls (5,000 traces) resets all your upgrade slots and star force in one go. Ark Innocence Scrolls (10,000 traces) resets all your upgrade slots, but retains your star force.

White/Clean Slate Scrolls Scrolls (2,000 traces) resets one upgrade slot. Be careful not to use the wrong one when resetting upgrades!

A perfectly traced item is tempting, but it is okay to deal with an imperfect item for the time being while working on other items.

2) Star Force/Equipment Enhancement Scrolls

After using up all available upgrade slots (as long as the upgrade count is 0), you can proceed to star force an item to upgrade it. Known in MapleSEAas starring, this process costs Mesos, and gradually more stars, with an increasing failure rate. Higher level items cost quite a bit to star, so beware!

From the 11th star onwards, there is a chance for you to lose one star when you fail starring. Also, from the 13th star onwards (for regular items), items have a chance to be destroyed.

A destroyed item from starring leaves the item’s trace for you to transfer to another duplicate item to star again. As this takes up many Mesos, if you are just starting, you may be satisfied with settling with 5* or 10* first and gradually working your way up.

Star forcing
Star forcing an item is a good way to upgrade it further, but beware of the price as well as destruction/failure risks

Superior items (Nova, Tyrant gear) cost significantly more Mesos to star from the beginning, with low success rates and high chances to drop one star. The chances of destruction also begin from the fifth star onwards, so only go this route if you’re willing to sink in bucket-loads of Mesos!

Tyrant Gear
Starring items such as Tyrant gear is expensive and highly risky, but the boosts you get from successful stars are excellent

3) Potential/Additional Potential/Cubes

Potentials are lines that appear at the bottom of your equipment, and come in four tiers (Rare > Epic > Unique > Legendary). Gear you get from monster drops usually range from no potential to epic potential, with a very small chance of unique potential.

To add potential to an item, you can use a Potential Scroll (dropped by monsters or given out during events). To change the potential, you can use cubes. Certain cubes have chances of increasing the potential tier of the item as well.

From left to right: No potential, Rare (blue), Epic (purple), Unique (yellow), and Legendary (green)
Potential Scrolls
Epic Potential Scrolls (right) instantly give Epic potential to your item
Cubes to reroll potential linesUse Cubes to reroll potential lines. Some have chances to increase your potential tier too

Each item can have up to three lines of potential. If you acquire an item that has two lines of potential, you can use a Carved Silver Seal/Carved Golden Seal to increase the number of potential lines to three.

Carved Silver/Golden Seals expand the number of potential lines up to three

MapleSEA beginners at this level can consider getting 3% (if rare) or 6% (if epic) stat per equipment. For example, if you play a Mage class, you want to aim for 3% or 6% INT per item where possible.

  • Potentials provide some of the biggest boosts, but can take significant amount of cubes to get the desired stats you want, so avoid burning your Mesos away trying to cube! Eventually, as you progress even further, you may want to push for 9% stat on an epic gear, and maybe try for unique potentials (12% & 15% stat).
  • Note that certain items (e.g. some rings, pocket items, medals, and badges) cannot receive potentials.

Items can also receive additional potentials. Similar to regular potentials, you use an item called Additional Potential Scrolls to give an item, well, additional potential.

Items can receive up to three lines of additional potentials, and you can use Additional Potential Stamps to increase the number of additional potential lines.

  • Do not consider working on additional potentials until late game! Additional potentials are not a necessity for progression until much, much later.
Potential Stamps
Additional Potential Stamps have varying success rates and expand the number of additional potential lines up to three

4) Bonus Stats/Flames

Bonus stats appear as a green number on your equipment. Some MapleSEA gear can get better bonus stats than others. You can change what bonus stats are on the item by using items called Flames.

Crimson Resurrection Flames (CRFs) and Rainbow Resurrection Flames (RRFs) are obtainable from Elite Monsters/Bosses as well as during events.

Bonus stats can help to push the limits of how well your equipment is, but just like cubes, your eventual result is luck dependent. You may need many, many flames in order to get the desired bonus stats you want.

Many types of Flames
There are many types of flames in your Maple journey, but the ones most commonly used are CRFs and RRFs (last two items in the image)
Green numbers are bonus stats, and are adjustable by using flames. “Flaming” an item can cause the quantity of green numbers to change, as well as change how much bonus you get from each green number

5) Boss Souls (weapon only)

MapleSEA Weapons can receive boss souls. By first attaching a Soul Enchanter (dropped by monsters, rarely given by events) to the weapon, you can proceed to attach a boss soul to the item.

Boss souls provide a tiny boost, and you can use a skill (available in the Beginner tab) to summon the boss to fight for you for a limited time as well.

In order to acquire a boss soul, you must collect 10 soul shards of the respective boss (obtained when killing the boss). Double clicking it will reveal a soul with certain stats.

Attaching a soul costs nothing, and you can always replace the soul on the weapon by slotting another soul over it.

Soul Enchanters
Soul Enchanters allow a weapon to have boss souls attached
Soul Shards
Double clicking boss soul shards when you have at least 10 gives you a boss soul
Boss Souls expire
Most boss souls you acquire expire after a while. Be sure to transfer the soul onto your weapon to reap the boss soul’s benefits
beginner skills
You get a skill in your Beginner skills tab that you can use depending on the boss soul attached

Note that most boss souls have an expiry date if you do not attach them to a weapon. Once you attach them though, the effect is permanent until you decide to change to another soul.

In addition, Augmented-named boss souls have no expiry and are the best, but the type of stats you receive is random and unpredictable.

Thus, be aware of the time-investment when hunting for the perceived best-augmented soul too early on!

6) Set Effects/Lucky Items

Many items you come across provide set effects, which are bonuses you get if you wear three or more of the same series of items. The more items you wear within the set, the more bonuses you get.

You can reap the benefits of several set effects, as long as you plan your gear setup well.

Reap the benefits
Plan well and you could reap the benefits of all these set effects at the same time!

Lucky Items in MapleSEA are just like ordinary equipment, but they can take the place of the relevant item type in set effects!

For example, a Chaos Bellum Hat is a Lucky Item, and can fill the Hat slot in any set that requires a hat as part of the set effect.

Chaos Bellum Helm
A Chaos Bellum Helm fills the Hat slot in any set effect.

However, do take note that you must be equipped with a minimum of three other non-lucky items in the set before Lucky Items will take any effect.

For example, if you want to use Chaos Bellum Hat to fill the Fafnir set effect’s hat slot, you must be equipped with the Top, Bottom and Weapon in the set before the Lucky Item fills the four-item set effect.

Also, you can only reap the set effect benefits from one Lucky Item.

Non-lucky items
You need at least 3 non-lucky items, or the lucky item will not contribute to set effects!

Lucky Items are either very rare, or take significant effort to obtain. However, the Chaos Root Abyss series of helmets (which are all Lucky Items) are relatively more common.

They can allow you to maximize the number of set effects that you receive, so it may be an option to consider if you have the resources!

My Kanna may not look fashionable, but at least I get the set effects from two sets (Fafnir, Absolabs) with one hat!

Do note that it is okay if you do not have any Lucky Items at all! By wearing the proper set items with good flame stats, stars and spell traces, the boosts from set effects using a Lucky Item can be outweighed.

In summary, most MapleSEA equipment can be enhanced through Spell Traces and Star Force. Potentials and Additional Potentials give the most significant boosts. Flaming your equipment alters the bonus stats assigned to your equipment.

Weapons can be enchanted with boss souls, allowing you to harness the power of certain bosses while providing a small stat bonus. Lastly, some items provide set effect bonuses, giving you another opportunity for more power.

A few key takeaways to remember are you do not need to do everything all at once! Progression in MapleSEA is gradual, not rushed.

Equipment will provide the biggest boost to your character of course, and with the variety of methods available, go with the ones that cost the least first before slowly proceeding to the more expensive options.

And now, we have arrived at the end of this extensive deep-dive on getting stronger in MapleSEA. Hopefully you’ve learned a few new tricks to take you over the strength plateau.

Until next time and happy Mapling!

Written by: Justin ‘whackybeanz’ Eng

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