MapleSEA: Getting stronger Part 1

Journeying through the vast world of MapleSEA, you’ll find yourself facing increasingly tougher foes and bosses. In order to keep up with these opponents, various systems have been added over the years to allow players to grow their strength.

In this two-part ‘MapleSEA: Getting stronger‘ series, I will break down every system currently available in the game that will allow you to strengthen your character.

The first part covers ways to increase strength through leveling and job advancements, while the second focuses on equipment-related systems that will improve your overall power.

In Part 1, the article is split into four sections:

  1. Pre-5th Job Systems
  2. 5th Job Systems
  3. Multi-character Systems
  4. Others

Let’s begin!

Pre-5th Job Systems in MapleSEA

1. Ability Points (SP)

You get 5 AP per level. Auto assigning these are the most convenient, but certain jobs (e.g. Xenons) may prefer to adjust their stats as necessary to fit their requirements.

Ability Points
Add AP every level to the stat of your choice! Feeling lazy? Let Auto-Assign do the work for you

2. Skill Points (SP)

You receive SP every level up to 140. For many classes, you should be able to max every skill in every job. However, certain classes may find themselves one or more SP short of maxing out skills, especially at the second or third jobs.

Check if the skill is a pre-requisite to other skills in future jobs, so that you know which skills must be maxed. In general, you’ll want to prioritize your SP allocation like this: Skills that need to be maxed (pre-requisite for future skills) > Passive Skills / Buff Skills > Other attack Skills.

If you distributed your SP incorrectly, relax. Many event coin shops sell SP Reset Scrolls regularly, making it easy to undo any mistakes made.

(Note: SP Reset Scrolls do NOT reset Beginner skills, but no one really uses them anyway)

Skill Points
Remember to add SP to your skills and dish out some damage

3. Inner Ability (IA)

You unlock IA at level 50, through the light bulb icon. You can have up to 3 IAs, which give you small, but helpful boosts. IA ranges from Rare to Legendary rank, and better types of IAs are possible in higher ranks.

Legendary ability
You can have up to 3 lines of IA, resettable using Honour EXP

You can spend Honour EXP to re-roll IA for better ranks, or lock the rank/certain IA lines to re-roll only specific lines. The more lines you lock, the more expensive it will be, so take note!

Resetting ability
You can lock IA ranks or specific IA lines before rerolling, but they will cost more, so be careful!

4. Hyper Stats

You receive Hyper Stats every level after 140. You have the option to add Hyper Stat points onto a variety of stats, but in general, most players go for Damage, Boss Damage, Ignore Defense, Crit Damage and Crit Rate.

Beyond that, it’s up to your needs. Note that each level of Hyper Stat requires more points than the previous, so spend them wisely! You can always reset Hyper Stats for a small fee, so there’s room for error.

Hyper stats
Lots of ways to customize Hyper Stats to what you need, but spend those points wisely

5. Hyper Passives/Skills

You receive Hyper Skill/Passive points once in a while from level 140 to 200. You will receive three Hyper Skill points, one for each Hyper Skill.

You will also have five Hyper Passive points that you can add to a variety of passive boosts.

As there is a wide variety of potentially upgradeable boosts for different MapleSEA jobs, it is difficult to offer a general recommendation on what to go for that covers all possible job types.

Hyper Skills
You get five Hyper Passive points and three Hyper Skill points to play around with

Instead, consider what skills you use the most often while mobbing or bossing, or what skills provide the biggest benefit for you when deciding where to spend your Hyper Passive points.

5th Job Systems

1. Arcane Symbols

After completing your fifth job advancement and beginning at level 200, you unlock Arcane Symbols. These give you Arcane Force (AF) as well as stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK/HP) specific to your class.

Each of the first six MapleSEA regions of the Arcane River has a symbol dedicated to the region, which you will obtain as you level up and complete the respective quest-lines. Complete daily quests per region to obtain more symbols. As you progress further into the Arcane River, earlier regions’ dailies will become easier to complete.

Arcane equipment
Many juicy stats added from Arcane Symbols, but these take a lot of time, so go slow

Monsters within the Arcane River will require a certain number of AF. If you have more than the required AF, you will deal bonus damage to them.  If you enter a region with less AF than required, you will receive a damage penalty (and take more damage, so watch out!).

While MapleSEA’s dailies are relatively simple to complete, each Arcane Symbol can take months to fully max out, so take your time with these. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

2. V Matrix

Completion of your fifth job advancement also unlocks MapleSEA’s V Matrix. The V Matrix is where you can put fifth job skills, and enhance previous jobs’ skills even further to deal more damage. You will need an item called Core Gemstones to obtain more cores to enhance these skills.

V Matrix
The V Matrix is highly customizable to your needs, allowing you to enhance both 5th job skills and previous job skills. The higher your character’s level, the more slots unlock for you to place cores

Arcane River monsters drop Core Gemstones. You can also get some by completing weekly quests in the first region of the Arcane River (Road to Extinction). Like with Arcane Symbols, cores take time to level, due to the variety of possible cores you can get, so take your time here too.

As you level in MapleSEA, you unlock more cores in the Matrix. This too, is a long-term investment meant to reward you over the weeks and months as you train your character.

Multi-Character Systems

1. Link Skills

Available under the Beginner skill tab, Link skills are tiny boosts that you can link to another MapleSEA character. Of course, you will need to train the particular class that offers the link skill. Many MapleSEA classes have link skills, and they are proven to be very helpful when training your characters.

Received link skills
Link skills can prove to be helpful for both bossing and mobbing, but you need to train different characters for different link skill effects

If you are just starting off, link skills are probably not something of importance. As you progress further with more characters however, you may want to consider creating classes that provide EXP-related link skills: Mercedes (bonus EXP when killing monsters), Evan (longer rune duration) and Aran (bonus EXP for combo orbs).

You get a level 1 link skill when the character hits level 70 and an upgraded level 2 link skill when the character hits level 120. You can have up to 12 link skills linked to a character at any time.

2. Blessing of the Fairy / Empress’ Blessing

When you train non-Cygnus Knights or non-Mihile characters, other characters within the same world will get Blessing of the Fairy. When you train a Cygnus Knight or Mihile character, other characters within the same world will get Empress’ Blessing.

Blessing of the Fairy
The max skill level is 20. Getting a non-Cygnus Knight or non-Mihile character to level 200 grants you the full boost from this skill.

These two passive skills give additional boosts, but do not stack with each other (you get the stronger of the two).

Empress's Blessing
The max skill level is 30. After a Cygnus Knight/Mihile character reaches level 120, the skill level is at 24. You get the remaining 6 skill levels by doing certain quests (Noble Mind, check your lightbulb icon) every 5 levels after 120. You unlock the final skill level at level 150.

3. Maple Union

These are similar to link skills, but larger in scale. Imagine a puzzle with different Tetris-shaped pieces you can arrange whatever way you desire. Every character you have on the same world acquires a puzzle piece. Each piece you place on the Union board will give you bonus stats.

The higher the level of a particular character, the bigger the puzzle piece you get. The higher the sum of character levels in the world, the more pieces you can place on the board, resulting in even more bonus stats.

Union Board
The Union board is where you place all your ‘Tetris pieces’ representing characters you have on the board, in return giving you extra stats and bonuses

Besides that, placing pieces on MapleSEA’s Union board allows you to earn Union coins automatically, which you can use to procure items helpful for training!

Of course, this requires you to have quite a few characters to capitalise on the considerable effect in the first place, so don’t worry too much about it at the start.


1. Potions/Temporary Buffs

Not much to say for these, but since every little bit helps, let’s look at potions. Alchemists can craft certain potions that provide temporary boosts. Some other common temporary buffs are Guild weather buffs, Union coupon buffs, temporary titles from events, and so on.

Temporary buffs
Potions and temporary buffs can be useful, too

In summary, AP, SP, Hyper stats and skills help you progress before 5th job advancement. Once 5th job advancement has taken place, Arcane Symbols and the V Matrix will be your main method of improving your damage output.

Rounding it all off, it is important to diversify the number of characters you have to fully utilize the benefits offered through Link Skills, Maple Union and Blessing of the Fairy/Empress’ Blessing. Temporary buffs are useful for short-term boosts, but don’t rely too heavily on them!

With that, we’ve come to the end of Part 1. In Part 2, I will cover all equipment-related systems to boost your character’s strength in MapleSEA. Check back next week!

Written by: Justin ‘whackybeanz’ Eng

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